Every foreign student at FDRP/USP (exchange students and regular students or from programs like PEC-G and PEC-PG) must obtain a special visa in order to enter Brazil as a student – “Temporary Visa IV – VITEM IV”. The student must contact the nearest Brazilian Embassy or Consulate to obtain this visa and follow the instructions carefully and never request a tourist, work or any other type of visa. If the student does not have a student visa, they will not be able to attend FDRP or utilize any of our facilities.


VITEM IV is applicable to foreigners that plan on coming to Brazil temporarily, as a student, with no intention of immigrating or of engaging in remunerated activities.


Required documentation


  • Passport (valid for at least six months and with at least two blank pages);
  • Online Visa Application Form, completed online, printed and signed;
  • One 3×4 cm picture, according to the standard;
  • Tickets (or reservation) to and from Brazilian territory or proof of itinerary from the travel agency;
  • Documents from other countries need to be approved by the Brazilian Consulate in the country in which the documents were emitted.
  • Birth certificate
  • Original registration proof from the institution or an original acceptance letter, detailing the student’s stay length (in case the institution is not a Brazilian Federal or State University, the registration proof/acceptance letter must be notarized)
  • Consent for the issuance of a visa (for applicants under 18) and contact information of the person/institution responsible for the minor while in Brazil;
  • Proof of payment of consular fees;
  • Health insurance that includes repatriation expenses, at a minimum of 30.000 €
  • Proof of financial capacity that ensures means of subsistence in Brazil for the entire trip’s length OR proof that the student will receive a scholarship OR the parent’s statement of earnings, notarized, in which they state they are responsible for supporting the student during their stay in Brazil *;
  • Additional documentation, if necessary (see below).


*Acceptable documents for proof of financial capacity:

  • Bank statement
  • A letter from your bank
  • Your credit card limit
  • Salary slip
  • Tax return


Additional documentation:

For students enrolled in a higher education institution in their home country, coming to Brazil to carry out part of their students (academic mobility):

  • Proof of enrollment (through a letter from the institution or a certificate of registration) in an undergraduate or graduate course at a higher education institution in their home country.
  • Undergraduate Students
    • Proof of graduation from high school or similar, properly legalized
    • Proof that the student was approved in an admissions process recognized by MEC (Ministry of Education) for an undergraduate course in a Higher Education Institution recognized by MEC. Arrangements involving slot reservation or a curricular analysis are not accepted.
    • A copy of the admissions process public call, in which the minimum score for approval and the subjects that were evaluated must be stated, and a certificate stating that the candidate reached the minimum score required for each subject and was approved in the admissions process. Every admissions process must evidence proficiency in Portuguese as an instrument for communication and thought organization and expression. The public call is published in the Union’s official organ and in a large press outlet.
  • Graduate Students
    • Proof of graduation from a Higher Education Institution or similar
  • Students from the Exchange Program for Undergraduate Studies (PEC-G) or Graduate Studies (PEC-PG):
    • Certificate of acceptance into PEC-G or PEC-PG.


How to apply for the visa:

You can only be served at the visa sector at the Consulate or Embassy if you:

  • Fill out the visa application form
  • Schedule consultation hours
  • Submit the complete documentation


Stage 1

  • Fill out the visa application form and print it out;
  • Keep the protocol number (it will be requested in another form).
  • Attention: do not mark the “other” option in the “main purpose of the trip”. If necessary, the consular officer will make the changes needed.


Stage 2

  • Schedule your appointment at the General Consulate, electronically;
  • Use the protocol number given at Stage 1 in the corresponding field.
  • Attention: Appointments will only be accepted if made in the name of the applicant (the passport owner), even if the procedure is conducted by a third party.


Stage 3

  • Attend or send a representative to the Consulate or Embassy, at the scheduled date and time, with the necessary documents, according to the type of visa being requested.
  • It will be necessary to pay the consular fee relative to the visa.
  • The General Consulate does not process requests via mail.
  • We ask you not to attend the General Consulate in order to clarify any doubts or request information that can be obtained through an email.



  • When filling out the forms, do not abbreviate anything (your name, your parent’s name, your country’s name, etc)
  • The requested documents and the fees can be changes abruptly, so it is important to keep up to date.
  • After the issuance of the visa, the applicant has three months to enter Brazil. After entering Brazil, they have 30 days to register at the Federal Police Department at the city where they will live. Access this link to get more information on this procedure.
  • Student visa holders are prohibited from engaging in remunerated activities, under penalty of a fine, notice or even deportation.
  • If you are a Brazilian citizen studying in a foreign university, in an exchange period at FDRP/USP, you will not need a student visa if you enter the country with a Brazilian passport.
  • If you have any questions regarding the visa before coming to Brazil, feel free to contact us.


Extension of the student visa

Before everything else, your home university must officially communicate the International Office, that will analyze your extension request. If the student is accepted for a 6-month extension for their exchange program, they must officialize their visa extension request with the Ribeirão Preto Federal Police. The Support Center for Foreign Teachers and Students (CAPEE) helps international students with these proceedings. The required documents are:

  • Statement of registration
  • A statement from FDRP communicating the expected length of the student’s course
  • An authenticated copy of every page of the passport (including blank pages)
  • Current RNE
  • 2 3x4cm recent pictures, in color, with a white background
  • Proof of payment of the visa extension request fee
  • Proof of payment of the RNE renewal fee



The fees charged by the Federal Police for the main proceedings for foreign students are:

  • Registration: R$106,45
  • Issuance of the first foreign person ID card (CIE – Carteira de Identidade do Estrangeiro): R$204,77
  • Visa extension request: R$110,44
  • Transformation into a permanent visa request: R$168,13


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