Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Registrar’s Office is bound to the Academic Programs Office and is responsible for managing students’ academic lives. It provides support to the Undergraduate Committee, the Program Coordination Committee, the Internship Committee and the Departments.


Students are admitted into FDRP after going through a highly competitive admissions process, the FUVEST exam. USP uses FUVEST to admit students into all of its 312 undergraduate programs at the beginning of each academic year. The Law program at FDRP welcomes 100 new students every year, and lasts for 5 years, offering both required and elective classes and presenting students with possibilities for research, extension activities and internships in different law firms, government institutions and many other work settings.


Rafael Souza de Marchi
Phone: +55 16 3315-4952
Email: svgrad-fdrp@usp.br