The Research Committee of the Law School of Ribeirão Preto, instituted in September 20th, 2011, has the primary goal of stimulating the faculty and students to engage in scientific studies, as a way to contribute to University of São Paulo’s internationally acclaimed academic potential and its applicability to current society.


In addition to this, in contribution to the graduation of the first undergraduate class in FDRP, the Members of this Committee are working towards strengthening research projects that have been carried out in past years and releasing these project’s findings to the community.


The Research page was also developed in order to tighten the bond between scholars, researchers and interested parties through the release of scientific data created by FDRP’s professors and students.


It is with great pleasure that we invite everyone to use the Research page to learn about FDRP activities, such as Research Groups and Research events. We wish for this means of publication to also become a way to connect people interested in scientific research, Committee Members and Professors.




Eder Goncalves de Pádua
  Phone: +55 16 3315-0100