Research Groups

The research groups registered in the CNPq research groups directory are listed below:


The Ethical-Moral Dimension and Law

Leader: Rubens Beçak


The transformation of Labor Law in post-modern society and its impacts on the labor market

Leader: Jair Aparecido Cardoso


Chinese-Brazilian Studies: business and society

Leader: Eduardo Saad Diniz


Contemporary Contract Law

Leader: Alessandro Hirata


DIPSIN – Research group in Law, Psychology and Neuroscience

Leader: Sérgio Nojiri


GEMTE-BRASIL – Study Group for Migration and Foreign Workers’ Rights in Brazil

Leader: Cynthia Soares Carneiro


Law Sociology and Socioenvironmental Rights Study and Research Group

Leader: Márcio Henrique Pereira Ponzilacqua


USP’s Prison System Applied Studies Group

Leader: Claudio do Prado Amaral


Metamorphosis – Law and Literature Study and Research Group

Leader: Iara Pereira Ribeiro


GEINT – Labor Standards Internationalization Study Group

Leader: Maria Hemília Fonseca


GDA – Administrative Law Research Group

Leader: Thiago Marrara


Roman Sources Research and Exegesis Group

Leader: Alessandro Hirata


Human Rights, Democracy and Inequalities Research Group

Leader: Fabiana Cristina Severi


Innovation, Management and Society Research Group

Leader: Eduardo Saad Diniz


NESPI – International Policies, International Studies and Compared Policies Studies and Research Nucleus

Leader: Umberto Celli Junior


Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights Study Group

Leader: Cíntia Rosa Pereira de Lima


Legal authority over personal data on the internet

Leader: Cíntia Rosa Pereira de Lima


Human rights violation in the corporate world

Leader: Eduardo Saad Diniz


Eder Goncalves de Pádua
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