Post Doctorate

The FDRP/USP Post Doctorate is a research activity conducted by PhD holders, obtained as long as 7 years ago, which entails a 960-hour workload.


According to Article 15 of the CoPq Resolution #7406: “Activities must be carried out in the Institution to which the post-doctorate student will be linked to; therefore, this program cannot be realizado à distância”.


The applicant may engage in the Postdoctorate through three different modalities?

I – with funding through a postdoctoral scholarship

II – with an equivalent scholarship or through a paid leave from a public or private institution

III – without a scholarship


The application for the Post Doctorate must be submitted by the responsible faculty member (of a FDRP department) to the Research Committee for analysis, in a continuous flow. That same faculty member is responsible for the means necessary to the research activities. The application is to be sent to FDRP’s Research Committee, at least three months in advance from the date the activities are meant to begin.


The School’s faculty list is available at:


Eder Goncalves de Pádua
  Phone: +55 16 3315-0100