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Borrowing books

  • Books will only be borrowed when a USP Card or other legal identification document with a picture is presented.
    • Undergraduate students: 10 (ten) items for 10 (ten) days
    • Graduate students: 15 (fifteen) items for 20 (twenty) days
    • Teachers: 20 (twenty) items for 30 (thirty) days
    • Staff members: 10 (ten) items for 10 (ten) days
  • 1: Books can only be borrowed by people with an active USP institutional affiliation.
  • 2: The user is responsible for the material they borrow and must handle it with care in order to preserve its integrity.


Tutorial for using the USP Integrated Search website (in Portuguese only)



  • The reservation for books that are borrowed must be made through the internet, at DEDALUS
  • Users will receive an email informing them of the expected date the material will be arriving
  • The books will be available for pick up at the front desk for one day
  • Tutorial for reservations (in Portuguese only)



  • Renovation can only be made through the internet, at DEDALUS
  • Renovations will not be done via email, phone or at the library’s front desk
  • Each user can make 3 renovations per book
  • In the case there is a reservation for the book, it must be returned on the original due date
  • Tutorial for renovations (in Portuguese only)


Interlibrary loans (EEB)

This allows for FDRP users to loan books and theses from other libraries, noting the access regulations for each kind of document as well as the regulation of the supplying library.

To request an EEB:

  • Register to SisWEBB, a system that gives users autonomy to manage their requests.
  • Locate the material you are interested in (Portal de Busca Integrada – USP / ACERVUS – UNICAMP / ATHENA – UNESP)
  • Fill out your request via SisWEBB. An email will be sent informing you of the material has arrived to the library
  • Deadline for pickup: 7 business days


Comutação Bibliográfica (COMUT)

COMUT enables students and other FDRP community members to get digital copies of parts of documents (articles, book chapters, theses, etc) available in the main Brazilian and foreign libraries, always taking copyright into account. For more information, access the Programa de Comutação Bibliográfica.

For the FDRP community: to make a request, fill out the form below with the document’s information


For users that are not a part of the FDRP community and do not have an institutional link with the affiliate libraries, it is possible to obtain material available at our library in person. See the program’s website above for more information.



The University of São Paulo, through the USP Guidelines for Academic Project Presentation (Part 1 – ABNT), establishes standards for normalization by exemplifying ABNT norms related to the presentation of dissertations and theses that can be used for monographies as well.

The library also provides its own Quick Normalization Guide (NEW! – in Portuguese only).

For more information contact +55 16 3315-4960 or


Catalographic card and Approval Statement

To generate a catalographic card for your piece of work, click the link available in the buttons above.

Below you can find a model of an approval statement for you to fill out with your data and attach to your work.

Click here to fill out the form and generate your catalographic card.

Click here to get the approval statement model.



Users can scan journal articles at the library’s front desk, following the existing legislation (Law 9.610/98).


Group study rooms

  • Rooms are available to 2 to 6 students.
  • The user is responsible for the air conditioning remote of the room and for ensuring the room they use is well kept and organized after they leave. Objects left in the room will be collected and kept at the library for 24 hours, after which they will be transferred to the School’s Lost and Found.
  • In the case of damage to borrowed material, the user must reimburse the School.
  • Food or drink is forbidden inside the rooms
  • Observation: Teaching staff are allowed to use group study rooms individually.


Ask the librarian

Milena / Tamie / Ednéia


Administrative matters:

Phones: +55 16 3315-4960 / +55 16 3315-0148



About the Library



The Library of the Law School of Ribeirão Preto was made official in late 2007, when its inclusion in USP Bibliographic Database – DEDALUS was required in November of that same year. Its activities began in January 2008 with two members of staff, that transferred from other schools in the Ribeirão Preto campus: librarian Milena Celere and administrative technician Rodrigo Brunelli Pirani. During the first year, the Central Library of the Ribeirão Preto Campus – BCRP conceded a room of approximately 40 square meters, with two computers, two work desks, two study tables with eight spots and 9 bookshelves.


In mid-2009, BCRP closed down due to a strike, which made it impossible for FDRP students to be seen to. This sped up the moving plans. By the end of May, the Library had moved to a temporary room in Block C in the FDRP building, that was still under construction.


The new space was 250 square meters and had nine computers (three for queries and six for work), 16 tables (five for work and 11 for study) with four spots each, a space with a table for daily newspaper reading and 18 double-sided bookshelves. The library grew in space and human resources, getting one more librarian and another administrative technician.


In 2010, the library’s staff was completed, with 3 librarians, 3 administrative technicians, 1 assistant and 1 intern student.

In January 2011, the library finally moves to its permanent space, with 880 square meters in two floors (mezzanine and ground floor).


Administratively, the Library is subordinated to the FDRP Dean’s Office and has its own Regulation. The Library Committee was created in April 22, 2009, to aid the Library Management and the Dean’s Council. Its organization and functioning are described in its Regulations. Since its creation, the library has accompanied FDRP’s growth, improving its products and services offered, with the goal of becoming a reference for research in the legal field in the Ribeirão Preto region.


Mission, Vision and Values



To support students’, teachers’ and staff members’ curricular and research needs at the Law School of Ribeirão Preto, offering a quality bibliographical collection in the legal field and offering services that are up to the users’ expectations.



We want to be a reference in the legal field in Ribeirão Preto, being recognized by users as a library that offers quality materials and efficient service.



To keep our commitment to the fair democratization of access to information, respecting ethics, human values and sustainability.



Current Regulation (in Portuguese only)



Milena Celere de Sousa e Silva – +55 16 3315-0148 (Librarian)



Ednéia Silva Santos Rocha – +55 16 3315-0096 (Librarian)



Tamie Aline Lança – +55 16 3315-4960 (Librarian)



Consuelo Gabrielli de Castro – +55 16 3315-0096 (Administrative Technician)



Rubens Albanezi dos Santos – +55 16 3315-0096 (Administrative Technician)



Marco Aurélio Tiba de Andrade – +55 16 3315-4960 (Administrative Assistant)



The library is located in Block A at the Law School of Ribeirão Preto.

Google Maps


We also have an internal map, with the disposition of the topics in our bookshelves.

Library map


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Contact us

User care:

Administrative matters:

Phone: +55 16 3315-4960


Library Committee


Profa. Dra. Maria Hemília Fonseca (President)

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Saad Diniz (Vice-President)

Milena Celere (Librarian)

Ednéia Silva Santo Rocha (Librarian)

Vitória Bittar Teixeira (Student Representative)

Carolina Barbosa Rios (Deputy Student Representative)


Library Committee Regulation (in Portuguese only)




Tamie Lança
  Phone: +55 16 3315-4960