National Foreigner Registry (RNE – Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros)

Foreign students and teachers have 30 (thirty) days from their arrival date in Brazil to register with the Federal Police in the city he/she will live, in order to obtain their RNE, which allows for a foreigner ID card to be issued in their name. All procedures related to this registration must happen in collaboration with the Support Center for Foreign Teachers and Students (CAPEE), an office at the Ribeirão Preto USP campus. The Federal Police does not service USP students or teachers if they are not accompanied.


Students must inform the International Office in advance about their expected arrival date in Brazil; then, the International Office, along with CAPEE will schedule an appointment with the Federal Police in order to go through with this registration. CAPEE offers full support in every stage of the regularization process: filling out forms, notarizing copies, taking pictures, going to the bank to help with the payment of fees, etc. You will only need to take your original documentation. Federal Police appointments need to be previously scheduled, so it is important not to contact them or go straight to the Federal Police office without the company of a CAPEE employee.


Required documents


The Federal Police requires the following documents to issue the RNE:

  • Valid original passport
  • Notarized copies of the passport’s used pages
  • The original visa application form, plus 1 notarized copy
  • Proof of payment for R$64,58, for the foreigner registration fee
  • Proof of payment for R$124,23, for the foreigner identification
  • Two (02) recent pictures, 3×4 size (with a white background, front-facing, with no decorations)
  • Entry/exit card (original plus one notarized copy)
  • Proof of residence


Step by step guide for issuing the RNE at the Federal Police office

  • As soon as you arrive in Brazil, come to Ribeirão Preto as quick as possible. Remember you have only 30 days to register.
  • You must head to the CAPPE office, located at Rua das Paineiras, house 4, Ribeirão Preto USP Campus (you can find the map of the campus here), in order to schedule your appointment at the Federal Police office. For this, you must bring:
    • Your passport
    • Visa application form
    • Entry/exit card
    • Your address in Ribeirão Preto
  • Your appointment with the Federal Police will only be completed if you bring these documents. At the scheduled date and time you must attend the CAPEE office with the same documents mentioned above, a notarized statement signed by the person responsible for your “república”/house and approximately R$250 in cash for the payment of fees, notarized copies and pictures. After these procedures, you will be taken to the Federal Police office to formalize your National Foreigner Registry (RNE).



  • Do not miss the 30-day deadline to register. If you miss this deadline, your exchange program can be affected.
  • The required documents and fees may be altered
  • Do not go to the Federal Police not accompanied by CAPEE
  • Do not forget to conduct these procedures and if you have any questions, contact CAPEE or the International Office
  • If you are a Brazilian citizen from a foreign university in an exchange program with FDRP/USP and you entered the country using a Brazilian passport, you will not need to register with the Federal Police.


For more information


Support Center for Foreign Teachers and Students (CAPEE) at USP Ribeirão Preto


Phone: +55 16 3602-4926

Location: Rua das Paineiras, casa 4, USP-RP Campus



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