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Undergraduate Program


FDRP and USP do not accept free mover students. The only ways to enroll as an undergraduate student in FDRP/USP are through the Fuvest entrance examination and through the PEC-G Program. The minimum requisite to take part in Fuvest and study at USP is to have finished or be about to finish High School or an equivalent.




The “Fundação Universitária para o Vestibular” (Fuvest) is an autonomous institution responsible for managing the entrance exams for higher education public schools in the State of São Paulo. The Fuvest entrance exam works as an admissions process for both USP and FCMSC-SP (Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Santa Casa de São Paulo). It entails two exam stages and is the largest university entrance exam in Brazil, with about 140.000 applicants that compete for 10.652 slots at USP and 100 at FCMSC-SP, totaling 10.752 slots. USP offers 312 undergraduate programs and FDRP welcomes 100 new students every year.

If there are slots available, a foreign institution undergraduate student can attempt a transfer. Fuvest is also responsible for the organization of transfer processes for all of USP.

Registrations for Fuvest usually take place in August. The first stage of the exam happens in November and the second one, in January. For more information on registration, deadlines and exam dates, go to the Fuvest website.




The Exchange Program for Undergraduate Studies (PEC-G) is administered by the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Ministry of External Relations (MRE) and provides opportunities for students from developing countries that maintain educational, cultural or scientific and technological agreements with Brazil to pursue their undergraduate studies in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions. These countries are mainly from Africa and Latin America, and students who go through PEC-G do not have to pay any fees or go through an entrance exam. For more information, go to the PEC-G website.


Graduate Program


FDRP and USP do not accept free mover students. The only ways to enroll as a graduate student in FDRP are through the program’s selection public call and eventually through the PEC-PG program. The minimum requisite for studying at FDRP as a graduate student is to have finished an undergraduate course, with a Diploma or conclusion certificate.


The focus area of the Graduate Program in Law is the “Development of the Democratic State of Law”. This includes two research fronts: “Development, Democracy and Institutions” and “Juridical Rationality and Fundamental Rights in the formation of the Democratic State of Law”.


To enter the Master’s Degree in Law at FDRP, foreign students must undergo the regular selection process that happens every semester. More information on Selection Public Calls can be found at the program’s website.

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