The University of São Paulo’s administrative structure for culture and extension matters is made up of the following agencies:

I – Culture and Extension Council (CoCEx);

II – Culture and Extension Vice-Rectory (PRCEU);

III – Culture and Extension Committees (CCEx).



The Culture and Extension Council (CoCEx) creates the guidelines by which the University takes action regarding culture and extension activities, following the general rules established by the University Council. It is also responsible for upholding the quality of work and the suitability to the purposes of each program.



One of the roles of the Culture and Extension Vice-Rectory (PRCEU) is to inform teachers of society’s expectations regarding their work, in order to balance methodological rigor and social relevance in research.

Its premises, as approved by CoCEx, are:

  • to make students in the community sensitive to new ways of artistic and cultural expression;
  • to stimulate external participation, through Consulting Councils, in every level of the Vice-Rectory;
  • to develop joint activities with Teaching and Research Units, Specialized Institutes and Museums, because it is understood that these are dynamic and specialized centers that help in analyzing the past, understanding the present and thinking about the future;
  • to take a critical stance towards mass media, given its importance as a cultural structuring agent in Brazilian and Latin-American society.



The Culture and Extension Committees (CCEx) are responsible for supervising, standardizing, approving and evaluating cultural and extension activities in USP Schools, working closely with Department Councils.


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