Seeking Degree Student

Please note that FDRP/USP does not accept free mover students. Check here how to become a regular full time student:



FDRP has an undergraduate (bachelor) program in Law.



Entrance Exam

Those interested in taking a complete undergraduate study at FDRP/USP should necessarily apply for the entrance exam selection process, which is open to all those who have fulfilled the minimum requirements. Tests will be applied in Portuguese in Brazil and organized by FUVEST – University Foundation for Entrance Exams.




The foreign institution undergraduate student can try to transfer to FDRP undergraduate program, provided that there are any openings. Transfer processes are also FUVEST’s responsibility throughout USP.

For further information about this matter, please, go to the site of FUVEST. (




The Undergraduate Agreement Student Program (PEC-G) provides higher education opportunities to people from underdevelopment countries with which Brazil keeps specific agreements. Developed by both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and partnerships with public and private universities, PEC-G selects young foreigners who have completed secondary education to take undergraduate studies in Brazil.


Further information:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil:

Ministry of Education of Brazil:



FDRP offers graduate studies Stricto Sensu and Lato Sensu in Law.

All Graduate programs at FDRP are fully taught in Portuguese.



How to be accepted on FDRP´s Graduate Program

The first requirement is to own a bachelor Diploma. In Brazil only a diploma-bearing student graduated from any program can start a graduate study; otherwise, he/she  is not allowed to apply for the Master’s or PhD Program. All those interested in having a complete graduate-level program at FDRP/USP should go through the selection process. Foreign students can apply:

  • The same selection process applied to a Brazilian applicant;
  • PEC-PG Program;
  • Other types of scholarships.


For a foreigner to join one FDRP´s Graduate program they must sign up for selection process. The processes are regulated by one call published in Programs’ webpage here and here.

More Information

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