Lato Sensu (DT, DPC, DTPT, LLM, UUM)

Tax Law Graduate Lato Sensu Course


Objectives:  To offer, on an interdisciplinary perspective, solid knowledge on the fundamental pillars of the National Tax System, presenting the specific legal regime of the main national taxes and promoting the analysis of taxation by economic sector , type of activity and company size ; educate and improve professionals working on several poles of the tax deal , enabling constructive debate between professionals working in opposite positions.



Civil Procedural Law Graduate Lato Sensu Course


Objectives : Improvement and updating on civil procedural law, with a focus that combines theoretical knowledge with relevant practical issues . It aims to improve the skills and capabilities in the field of civil procedure for the improvement of institutions and law firms where the students work . Special focus on the innovations brought by the recent law reforms and projects on the subject.



Labor Law and Labor Procedure Graduate Lato Sensu Course


Objectives: To prepare professionals to work on the Labor Law and Labor Procedure area, providing continuing education and update on the issue, given the current social reality; develop in the participants interest in the field of matter and thinking and understanding of the institutions involved.



LLM Civil Law


Objectives: To provide technical, conceptual and practical Civil Law references, with special attention to the work in very diverse crops of the legal universe ; To promote instrumental knowledge among participants for the successful development of their careers ; To be a training tool, providing expertise in civil law and operations in civil litigation or advisory ; To be an experience exchanging forum among professionals involved in the course ; To train professionals to work in widely different fields involving the civil law.



LLM Human Rights


Objectives: To enable a better understanding of the legal framework on human rights in a critical and interdisciplinary perspective it is important to: 1) enable advanced understanding regarding  concepts and theoretical constructs with respect to human rights in an international, regional and internal perspective; 2) verify the inclusion in the philosophical and historical context of the matter relating to human rights; 3) understand the dynamics of implementation of human rights domestically and internationally in moments of crisis, emergency and political transitions; 4)develop a research paper endowed with scientific and enable the publication not only of this research work, but also the future development of scientific articles capable of contributing to the legal debate concerning human rights ; 5) form a cadre of professionals highlighted with sufficient legal expertise to serve with excellence in government, as well as international organizations, non-governmental organizations, in government agencies and legal offices that defend human rights and 6) study practical cases and possible legal measures to solve the problems concerning the issue of human rights.

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