Information about University Restaurant functioning

Published: 03/20/2020

Check out the message about the University Restaurant functioning and distribution and consumption of packed lunch send by Food Section, Social Promotion Service, Attendannce to Community Division and Campus USP of Ribeirão Preto Prefeitura:


Users of University Restaurant from Campus USP of Ribeirão Preto,


Having in sight the suspension of classes from 03/17/2020, as communicated by the Rector, and considering all the sanitation recommendations and guidelines about Covid-19, we clarify below the functioning of the University Restaurant about the distribution and consumption of the packed lunch:



1. The University Restaurant will keep offering the packed lunches. However, to avoid agglomerations, followins the Ministério da Saúde guidelines, we recommend that the comsunption be realized outside the restaurant facilities and with the most brevity as possible;


2. Students with Profile 1 will be prioritized, as well as the attendance of students with academic activities;


3. Taking into cosideration the suspension of classes and, consequently, the reduction of the users number, the amount of luches served daily will be reduced, the quantity will be continuosly evaluated;


4. We recoomend that you use yout own cutlery or the use of disposable ones, reminding the necessity of previous sanitizing of hands;


5. According to Rector’s second message to the community about coronavírus, from 03/16/20, we recommend that everyone consult constantly the website USP and Covid-19, because the informations are continuosly updated. When the sanitation authorities estabilish new guidelines, the actions listed in this message will be revised and new measures may be adopted.



We count on the comprehension of all.