HCFMRP started a fundraising campaign due to COVID-19

Published: 04/07/2020

The Clinic Hospital from Medical School of USP Ribeirão Preto launched a fundraising campaign to help in the fight against COVID-19. The goal is to raise R$5.000.000,00 so that they do not lack indivual protection and health assistance equipment.

The resources may be donated nominated to Fundação de Apoio ao Ensino Pesquisa e Assistência do HCFMRP-USP – FAEPA, non-profity entity, that acts in favour of the Hospital for more than 30 years and has structure for the receipt, control and management of the donated resources.


Your contribution in any amount will be very important!


Donate through the link: All for HC in the fight against COVID-19


In case you have interest to donate material or equipment,contact through e-mail doacaocoronavirus@hcrp.usp.br  or telephone:  (16)  3602-2060