FDRP/USP Masters actions during the pandemic

Published: 11/09/2020

Since the begining of the covid-19 dissemination, following the health autorities and PRPG/USP recommendations, the Post Graduation Program of Law School of Ribeirão Preto adapted the class form (presential to online) and, at the same time, reaffirmed it’s importance in the production of good legal knowledge, essential in the solution of problems related to the pandemic in the scope of science, tecnology and innovation.


Utilizing various technological methods, the professors kept the scientific production through various initiatives,
with participation in approximately 63 events, 13 seminar/congress organizations, publication of 4 articles on specialized legal sites and an e-book in partnership with the Culture and University Extension Commission, 7 interviews given to media, 4 participations as course instructors, books releases, technical notes and collaboration in drafting bills, production of technical materials in relation to the pandemic, and launching communication channels on social networks.



In addition, 26 qualifications and 5 defenses were made virtually using the google meet platform and were transmitted live to the USP community. Another 8 defenses are scheduled for this year.



In addition, there were an average of 20.000 spectators at all events held by the Graduate Program on the FDRP’s YouTube channel, which won over 3.300 subscribers during the period.



Check the complete list of master’s actions in the fight against the pandemic: Actions



By Laura Rossati – Institutional Communication, with information from Professor Flávia Trentini