FDRP Professors selected to participate in Researcher Connect Program – FAPESP/British Council

Published: 12/10/2018

Researcher Connect aims to provide financial support to courses that can contribute to researcher training nationwide. Professors Juliana Oliveira Domingues and Gabriel Loretto Lochagin were selected to participate in the event as FDRP representatives.


Research and innovation are essential in building strong and successful economies – talented researchers, who are able to broadcast their findings in different levels, are extremely important in order to reach this goal. When it comes to individual academic research, it is fundamental to publicize results, as research can be considered truly valuable to knowledge construction only when revised by peers and validated by the scientific community.


Not only that, but the need to communicate research findings beyond the scientific community is also very strong, as a way to use these findings to justify using public funds for financing new research activities. Offering tools that can improve researchers’ communication skills may have benefitial consequences not only for individual performance and careers, but for the Institution where these activities are carried out and society as a whole as well, through an increase of their research’s reach and impact. This is what moves Researcher Connect courses.


By: Research Pro-Rectory