FDRP professor launches work “Course on Child and Adolescent Law”

Published: 11/09/2020

Associate Professor Cláudio do Prado Amaral launched the book “Course on Child and Adolescent Law”, edited by the respected USP Publisher. This work is the result of 3 years of research and work, financed by the Dean of Graduate Studies and EdUSP, conceived within the Program for Incentive to the Production of Didactic Books for Graduation.


The target audience of this work are students and legal professionals who did not have previously the necessary contact with the legal branch covered in the book. In addition, it was designed to serve as a reference material for professionals working in the safety net. This is the first volume of a total of 4, still in production.



The work can be purchased by EdUSP’s Virtual Bookstore at the link (portuguese only): Course on Child and Adolescent Law.



By Laura Rossati – Institutional Communication, with information of Prof. Cláudio do Prado Amaral