FDRP professor collaborates in bill of Emergency Legal Regime elaboration due to Covid-19

Published: 04/14/2020

FDRP Professor, Flávia Trentini, collaborated in a bill that dispose about the Emergency and Transitory Legal Regime of Private Law legal relations (RJET) in Coronavirus pandemic period (Covid-19), approved on april 3 by Federal Senate (P.L. 1179, from 2020).


In the jurits group that helped in the project construction are yet professor and magistrates as minister Ricardo Villas-Bôas Cuêva (STJ), Silvio de Salvo Venosa, Flávio Tartuce (EPD), José Fernando Simão (USP), Laura Mendes (UnB), Celso Fiorillo (PUC-SP), Anderson Schreiber (UERJ), Guilherme Reinig (UFSC), João Aguirre (Mackenzie), Paulo Nalin (UFPR), Fredie Didier (UFBA), Richard Pae Kim (TJSP), Venceslau Tavares (UEP), Marcel Simões, Alexandre Liquidato, Rodrigo Mazzei (UFES), Alexandre Gomide, Maurício Bunazar (Ibmec), Daniel Carnaúba (UFJF), Bruno Carrá (TRF-5), Jorge Cesar Ferreira da Silva and others.



Check out the full statement here: Link



By Fernanda Gonçalves – Institutional Communication

With informations of Prof. Iara Ribeiro, DPP department chief