FDRP hosts National Constitutional Law Summit

Published: 10/05/2018

The traditional National Constitutional Law Summit, organized by Pimenta Bueno Institute, was held at the Law School of Ribeirão Preto, In one of its few editions outside the city of São Paulo. A wide partnership network, including both institutions, the Faculty of Law – USP, the Brasília Public Law Institute (IDP), Unesp Franca and the 12th OAB subsection (Ribeirão Preto), endorsed the event, that promoted debates regarding the Constitution’s 30th anniversary.


There were three days of conferences and panels with professors, directors, congressmen, ministers and academics. Law students, lawyers, faculty members and other interested people from the Ribeirão Preto region could hear different views on the matters at hand, in over 20 hours of studies.


The conferences and panels will soon be made available on FDRP’s YouTube channel.