FDRP hosts Legal Week welcoming important Law professionals

Published: 08/28/2019

FDRP’s 12th Legal Week took place between August 14 and 16 and brought importante dialogue opportunities for matters relevant to the community. The event, organized by a Committee composed by professors, staff and students, gathered, in a consistently crowded venue, great names from the Brazilian legal scene.


During the opening, on Wednesday (14), FDRP professors Alessandro Hirata, Cynthia Soares Carneiro and Gabriel Loreto Lochagin spoke about the lawyer profession.


On Thursday, Dr. Caio Augusto S. dos Santos, president of OAB in the state of São Paulo, Dr. Luiz Vicente Ribeiro Corrêa, president of OAB in Ribeirão Preto, Dr. Fernando Fabiani Capano, president of the Military Law Committee of OAB, Dr Thais Kourrouski, director of the Assistance Fund for Brazilian Lawyers and Dr Rubens Beçak, FDRP professor participated in a roundtable discussing legal practice.


On the event’s final day, Georghio Tomelin, PhD in State Law, spoke about “The Constitutional Judge on a Federal Scope”, followed by Myrian Ravanelli Scandar Karam, former regional coordinator of the Female Lawyer Committee of OAB São Paulo, gave a lecture on women in Law.


The FDRP Legal Week traditionally takes place on the third week of August, in celebration of the Day of the Lawyer (August 17th).


By: Fernanda Gonçalves. FDRP Institutional Communication