FDRP hosts 1st Brazil-Colombia Human Rights Week

Published: 12/10/2018

The 1st Brazil-Colombia Human Rights Week happened from November 27th to November 29th. It was organized by Professor Fabiana Cristina Severi, from FDRP, Professor Marcelo Becker, from the São Carlos Engineering School (EESC), Corporación Universitaria de Ciencia y Desarollo (UNICIENCIA – Colombia) and by Brazilian Consul in Bucamaranga, Jorge A. Zuluaga Villegas, with support from Itamaraty and from the Brazilian Embassy in Bogota (Colombia).


The symposium strenghthened a contact network between USP and many Colombian Universities in order to create opportunities for student, teacher and staff mobility agreements between these institutions, as well as to submit joint projects.


FDRP Master’s degree students presented posters and many lectures surrounding the themes of Human Rights and International Law were given by FDRP professors: Cynthia Soares Carneiro, Fabiana Cristina Severi, Camilo Zufelato, Márcio Henrique Pereira Ponzilacqua, Caio Gracco Pinheiro Dias and Gabriel Loretto Lochagin.


Foreign institutions visiting professors were at FDRP for three days and were welcomed by Maisa de Souza Ribeiro, FDRP Associate Dean. With these lectures and visits to USP labs, Colombian visitors were also able to create connections that will allow them to create graduate programs at USP and to organize sabbatical period in Brazil.


By: Gubran Smaili, with information from Professor Fabiana Cristina Severi.