CEFER activities and Cultural Workshops are suspended

Published: 03/17/2020

Yesterday (16/03), a note about the funcioning of CEFER was released:


“Considering the Rector messages to the university community about coronavirus, we inform that the Centro de Edudação Física, Esportes e Recreação (CEFER) da Prefeitura do Campus USP de Ribeirão Preto (PUSP-RP) will be closed for users for a indefinite period from 03/17/2020. We count with the comprehension of all.”


The Section of Cultural Activities from the Prefeitura do Campus released yesterday (16/03) the following note:


“Obeying the new measures recomended by USP Rector about coronavirus, that considered the actions of national Health Ministry and São Paulo State Governmentraising restrictions, the applications to the Cultural Workshops will be canceled for a indeterminate period. They will be reopened in an appropriate moment, following future instructions.”


By Laura Rossati, Institutional Communication