AUCANI and LLAC offer mentorship for academic writing through skype

Published: 03/17/2020

The academic literacy laboratory aims to assist the whole USP communty ( undergraduate students, pos graduate students and faculty) that desire to improve their academic writing, focusing academics texts (abstracts, reviews, monographs and others) and their characteristic aspects (adequacy to the context in which the text will be broadcasted, the choice of thematic content, text organization, lexical and gramatical choices, among others) in three languages: portuguese, english and french.


The goal is to capacitate the Laboratory user to: Comprehend the requirements of academic writing in these languages; Develop a critical vision related to their textual production; Progress in the domain of the written form off these languages; Avoid plagiarism.


The mentorship will be realized through skype due to coronavirus situation, it is mandatory previously booking.


Check out in this link the schedule and more relevant informations.