1º Brazilian IRDRs Observatory Research Report

Published: 03/03/2020

The First Brazilian IRDRs Observatory Research Report is available.


The Report is public and is a result of the work from the research group called IRDRs Brazilian Observatory  from Faculdade de Direito de Ribeirão Preto USP, it aims the systematized and critical study, of empirical bias, of legislation novelty that is IRDR, coordinated by Professor Camilo Zufelato.


The data presented and systematized in the report are available in detailed form in a data base with public and free acess in the website http:// observatorioirdr.direitorp.usp.br/. This is one of the main scopes of this research group: provide study and research material for reseachers with interest in the empirical study of the theme.


Acess the report here: report