PUSP-RP notes

Published: 03/24/2020

Check out in this pages notes from PUSP-RP about the campus functioning:


Informational Booklet – Prefeitura do Campus USP Ribeirão Preto


Informativo divulgado em 24/04/2020 sobre o funcionamento dos circulares do Campus USP de Ribeirão Preto até 10/05/2020:


Devido à prorrogação da quarentena no Estado de São Paulo como medida de enfrentamento da pandemia da COVID-19, conforme o Decreto Estadual nº 64.946, de 17/04/2020, os circulares 2 e 3 do Campus USP de Ribeirão Preto não rodarão até 10/05/2020.

Desse modo, o transporte coletivo no Campus USP de Ribeirão Preto, excepcionalmente até essa data, passará a ser realizado somente pelo circular 1, nos horários abaixo descritos:




Based on decree no. 64.881, from March 22 2020, and on Universidade de São Paulo Rector recommendations and health authorities, make known the following actions adopted by this Mayor, with the aim to avoida Covid-19 propagation and to promote security:

1.     From 03/24/2020 it isprohibited the acess of  unauthorized people to Campus of Ribeirão Preto of Universidade de São Paulo -USP;

2.     From monday to friday, the vehicles acess to the Campus will ocur only through Café Avenue and Hospital das Clínicas, the Bandeirantes Avenue gate will be closed.

3.     The access will be allowed only for Campus users, through identification of USP seal in the vehicle or USP card of identification;

4.     It is prohibited the entry of external community to Campus, except urban bus, servide providers and delivery, the last two can enter through identification and destiny indication to the security service;

5.     The security and surveillance service are orientated to provide the necessary clarification for external users.


Central Library:


Having in sight Rectors new guidelines, regarding temporary actions against Covid-19 contagion, we communicate that from 03.24.2020, all requests may be done through e-mail: bcrp@usp.br .


All the active loans return date are 04.22.2020 and can be renewed at Dedalus (www.dedalus.usp.br) and/or USP Library app using the USP number and password registered at the library or USP Digital single password.




Due to COVID-19 pandemic and Universidade de São Paulo guidelines, refering to temporary actions against Covid-19 contagion, and trying to avoid the disease spread, the buses 2 and 3 will not be working from 03/23/2020 to 05/10/2020. In this way, collective transport will be realized trough bus 1, exceptionally. More information on: https://bit.ly/39dA3Vk


Considering the Decreto Estadual nº 64.956, de 29/04/2020, wich determinates mandatory the use of masks in public transportation while persist the quarentine in São Paulo state as a measure against COVID-19, we communicate that, from May 4 2020 until the end of the quarentine, it is determinated the use os masks by the Campus USP de Ribeirão Preto buses users.


University Restaurant:


Having in sight Universidade de São Paulo new guidelines, refering to temporary actions against Covid-19 contagion, we communicate that, from March 24 2020, the University Restaurant will be handing out meals in the following schedule:

Lunch: from 12h to 13h

Dinner: from 17h to 18h




Considering the Rector messages to the university community about coronavirus, we inform that the Centro de Edudação Física, Esportes e Recreação (CEFER) da Prefeitura do Campus USP de Ribeirão Preto (PUSP-RP) will be closed for users for a indefinite period from 03/17/2020. We count with the comprehension of all.


Cultural Activities:


Obeying the new measures recomended by USP Rector about coronavirus, that considered the actions of national Health Ministry and São Paulo State Governmentraising restrictions, the applications to the Cultural Workshops will be canceled for a indeterminate period. They will be reopened in an appropriate moment, following future instructions




Following Health Minister, São Paulo State governor and University de São Paulo guidelines about Covid-19, from 03/23/2020 CeTI-TP/STI activities will be realized remotely, besides the ones that demand presential and emergencial work.