Masters Program receives CIDE researcher

Published: 03/03/2020

Professor Dr Gustavo Fondevila visited Universidade de São Paulo during October 21st untill 27th, 2019, by the invitation of the Pós-Graduation Program of Faculdade de Direito de Ribeirão Preto (FDRP).


The Professor is a research in the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), in México, and focus his researches in empiric and acomparative criminology. Specifically, Fondevila has a emphasis in crminal justice and pisons in Latin America, using researches from prisons, records of justice, among others.



As soon as he arrived at FDRP, the professor participated of a meeting with Professor Eduardo Diniz, also expert in Penal Law. In the occasion, both of them presented activities and research lines, and built a agenda for contact with other researches from FDRP and pos-graduation students.



In the classroom, professor Fondevila participated in the Rights and Inequalities discipline, a part of the Master course, taught by the Professors Fabiana Severi and Camilo Zufelato. During the class, Professor Fondevila presented the principal researches he developed at CIDE and discussed methodological issues.



The visitor algo gathered with the Professors Paulo Eduardo Alves da Silva and Sérgio Nojiri. In the meeting, research partnerships opportunities were discussed along with the Law Empiric Research Laboratory from FDRP.



The Group PET-Direitos took advantage of Professor Fondevila passage to talk about research experiences in graduation and law graduation in Mexico,  debating from the researcher texts in portuguese.

With the theme Dialogues about the challenges for internationalization of scientific academic production of law, a meeting between the Visitor Professor and Masters Professors. In the ocasion, the Professor presented several strategies for the production of researches and scientific articles with internationalization potential.

Furthermore, the mexican professor went in a technical visit in a Courthouse, accompanied by Professor Cláudio do Prado Amaral, who is also a Judge of Law. The visit had as a goal to favour Professor Fondevila learning about hearing procedural rules, jury and brazilian judicial proceedings.



The researcher week at FDRP ended with the elaboration of a Work Agenda with Professor Fabiana Severi, to organize academic production and research partnerships through pos-graduation. The activities proposed are: the sign of an academic covenant that allows to develop activities of research and mobility of professors and students; realization of a Workshop in 2020, including UniAndes, that will result in the publication of a special edition of Latin American Law Journal and the production of a paper with a specific theme to be defined, in the area of acess to justice for women.



The foreign professor week at FDRP contributed for the internationalization of the Masters Program, with new looks and proposals that culminate the academic enrichment of students and new research proposals for program professor.