FDRP students receive award at Congress

Published: 10/10/2019

Undergraduate student Bernardo Farias Ribeiro de Dios Coelho and lato sensu graduate student in Procedural Law João José Turri Brufatto were awarded for their expanded abstract for “Ramirez Escobar y Otros vs. Guatemala Case Study: an analysis of anti-corruption law in the American human rights system”. Their abstract ranked second among other submissions to the Celebratory Congress for the Advanced Study Hub for International Law and Sustainable Development (NEADI) 20th Anniversary. The award was presented at PUC-PR, in Curitiba, on October 4th. The students represented FDRP and NEDIRP – the Ribeirão Preto International Law Study Hub, an academic association created at FDRP.



By Sofia Orsini, FDRP Institutional Communication.