FDRP promotes 2020 Freshmen Reception Week

Published: 03/04/2020

FDRP Freshmen Reception Week was meant to introduct the Law course to the entrants, making they anxious about the 5 years of study that there began. Another goal of the week was to integrate freshemn and seniors, in a respectful and fruitful way, showing then all the opportunities university life has to offer, besides inserting in the academic context.



The integration between students marked the beginning of the week, with the presence of Bateria Estouro. Following, the entrants went to the auditorium, where they received a Freshmen Kit with, inside a personalized bag made for the occasion, a thermal cup with the school symbol, the freshmen guide elaborated by the Commission and material from the event sponsors. After a integration breakfast the students were welcomed with a music presentation from Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Ribeirão Preto Music Department.



After that, Professor Dr Maria Aparecida Machado, Culture and Extension Pró-reitora, adressed the USP chosen theme for 2020 Reception Week, You are a part of all this. In this event, she talked about Universidade de São Paulo and it’s knowledge and opportunities abundance, and wished wellcome to Class XIII students. Thereupon, Professor Dr Eneida Salgado, UFPR Constitutional Law Professor, started the inaugural class with the theme “Democratic Erosion and authoritarian constitutionalism”. To end monday morning activies, the deliver of Acknowledgement of Graduation Performance Award was delivered for Class VIII graduates.



In the afternoon, Professor Dr Caio Gracco Pinheiro Dias, faculty of the school, presented to the students informations about the school, it’s structure, political pedagogical projec, and also, accompanied by two undergraduate students, he talked about research, extension, research groups and student entities. Beyond that, Professor Dr Thiago Marrara, FDRP faculty, realized a presentation about Universidade de São Paulo, and employees from the graduation service, Rafael Marchi and Marislei Maturano, brought useful information for the entrants, aside from solving their doubts. Lastly, Professor Iara Ribeiro, faculty of the house, presented the Laboratory to the students, so that they could understand more about this activity that composes their schedule.



On tuesday morning, the freshmen were inveted by Associação Atlética Acadêmica Casa 7 to spend a time practicing sports. The student promoted futsal, handball, basketball and volleyball, besides athletics, chess and table tennis. In the afternoon, it was held the Law and Gender Panel, composed Inara Firmino, student of FDRP masters program, Saulo Simon Borges, FDRP graduate, Professor Dr Eliana Franco Neme, FDRP faculty and President of the Gender Violence Commission and Ana Paula Araújo Alves da Silveira, undergaduate student and representative of Capitu Feminist Collective, the panel brought a vast discussion on gender and violence issues, highlighting that FDRP does not tolerate acts of this kind. Next, some time was booked for register confirmation at the Campus Theater.



On wednesday, the freshmen had a very playful experience participating at a simulated jury organized by Centro Acadêmico Antonio Junqueira de Azevedo, “The case of the cave explorers”, where students and graduates simulated the characters involved in the case. At the same day there was a presentation of the subjects held in the laboratories by the faculty responsible for those subjects, so that the students could opt fot the one they were more interested about.



In the next day (thursay), the morning was reserved for the an Unified Freshmen Event organized by DCE. After lunch was offered a talk with the campus security, were they talked about how the security is perfomed on the campus, the areas with the most crime incidence and how to avoid to be a victim, in addition to presenting USP security cellphone application, that allows the registration of occurrences and to be accompanied in situations of insecurity. After the talk, the freshmen planted the class three following the school tradition. To end thursday activities, CAAJA promoted a conversation with students institutions and an integration sarau.



Friday morning FDRP took the entrants and interested seniors to Assentamento Mario Lago, settlement of Sem Terra movement. There the students were able to observe how the planting works in an agroforestry and the relation between this movement, the collective rights and the Law.



2020 FDRP Freshmen Reception Week, guided by the theme You are a part of all this, offered several activities that provide a wide-ranging experience and vision, not only from the Law graduation course, but also from university life. The students were able to interact with others in several occasions, meeting faculty and employee, with moments of integration, academic and cultural activities.



Check out some picturs of the week:










By Laura Rossati, FDRP Institutional Communication