Applications open for Public International Law Study Group

Published: 03/13/2020

Applications are now open for the Public International Law Study Group, coordinated by Caio Gracco, FDRP Professor. People interested can aply until March 20 through the following form:




Thr group goal is to produce reference material about international events, that may be used as subsidy for Public International Law research and education, in the shape of summary sheet of cases or events, containing a) theme classification corresponding the case discussed inside Public International Law scope; b) the facts narrative; c) the identification of legal issues relevant from the public international law point of view; and, d) a compilation of references about the case (applicable formal sources, pertinent jurisprudence , journalistic material, opnion and scientific articles). The group is open for the participation of undergraduate and pos graduation students from FDRP, others units of USP and others education institutions.


More information can be found in the public notice: Public Notice for Public International Law Study Group members selection